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The aim is to build a 4 rotor helicopter with a autopilot system that we will write.

The Quadcopter will contain a few custom built components eg. computer controlled speed controllers, electronic compass, accelerometers, gyros, GPS, GSM module for long distance controlling over the cellular network and a wifi module for the closer range controlling.

It will also carry a long range camera so we can navigate or just look while the auto pilot is flying....


  • Full autonomous flight and landing.
  • Controlled via PC or RC controller.
  • 6 Degree of Freedom IMU.
  • Video downlink.
  • Open source development.

Contact Us

For any additional information about the project or if you have some ideas for us, please contact us at info(at)


29 May 2009 The project is not dead, just a bit un-loved at the moment. I'm working on both the software and hardware when I have spare time and will post any major changes.
17 July 2008 Committed the almost final designs for the sensor board and yaw gyro breakout board. Get them from the GIT repository on the downloads page.
14 July 2008 Posted some initial schematics for the sensor board of the autopilot. Get them from the GIT repository on the downloads page.
5 July 2008 Started with the Technical Documentation for the project.
3 July 2008 Added some of Wednesday nights meetings ideas to the Parts List page.
1 July 2008 More parts arrive. We now have all the 16bit A/D converters needed for the IMU.
26 June 2008 First parts arrive. We now have 2 MMA7260Q and 2 MP3H6115A.
23 June 2008 Added a Parts List page.